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See the world in a new light

What we do is unique, revolutionary even. It’s a fusion of intelligence, capability and curiosity resulting in a faster way to collect and understand imagery data and a unique way to visualise it. By combining a suite of complementary disciplines, we reveal advantageous insight.

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How we do it

An extra dimension of knowledge

By combining technologies from gaming, financial services, live television and satellite earth observation, we have developed a new approach to the presentation of and interaction with data. And because we think, and inform in 3D, we reveal much more than can be seen from traditional perspectives. Our solutions have widespread application, from defence to disaster risk management; food security to financial markets insight.


Timing is everything

By processing huge volumes of data faster and serving it in a more intuitive way, we enable better informed, real-time decision making. Agile, flexible and fast, early insight is our competitive advantage. Yours too.


Sector specific insight

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3DEO is always looking for talented people, whether proven or with potential, who share our ambitious vision.

We believe a better understanding of what is happening in the world, leads to better decision making, which in turn results in positive outcomes for humanity. If you feel the same, no matter where you are on your career path, let’s chat and explore the possibility of you joining our team to help us achieve our shared objectives.


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