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See What Others Can'tEmpowering organisations with location
based business intelligence
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Visualisation of your data in meaningful and
useful ways
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Leverage Location IntelligenceCombine data from multiple sources to analyse, display
and report in geographical context
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experience the power of active maps



Seamlessly integrate data from sensors, IoT devices,  cameras and more using Active Maps. Understand what’s happening, where it’s happening, and why.


Active Maps presents your data in user-friendly formats such as 3D graphs, charts, time-based tables and camera feeds. 


Combine, view and download real-time and historical data from a wide range of sources. Allow Active Maps to help you make better decisions.


Easily share information dashboards with key stakeholders using Active Maps. Be alerted to critical situations with automatic email and SMS warnings.

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What can active maps do?
interactive 3d visualisations

Visual, immersive and interactive. Active Maps empowers users to make use of complex data and produce interactive 3D data visualisations in location context on maps. This drives better and more accurate decisions, enhanced insight, and enables clearer communication and reporting. 

holistic whole estate visuals

We combine the most appropriate data and information sources for your estate and deliver multi-tiered, multi-layered data visualisations combining a wide range of geospatial data, including satellite imagery, ground sensors, meters, IoT, CCTV and asset tracking to provide a complete interactive digital representation of estate and operations. 

combine legacy and live data

Discover the power of Active Maps in making intelligent choices. With our cutting-edge 3D estate management tool, you can effortlessly integrate data from external sources like silos and warehouse management systems. This enables you to gain a visual understanding of your available on-site capacity by overlaying it on a satellite image or map. By utilising these informative charts, you can confidently determine the optimal location to store your incoming goods.

active maps use cases
smarter ports

Smart ports represent the future of port operations, offering enhanced efficiency, sustainability and innovation when compared to their traditional counterparts. By harnessing the power of sensors, both on land and in water, these ports are able to continually monitor their surroundings.


By harnessing the power of IoT devices (Internet of Things), live camera and AI feeds, satellite fly-overs and census data and combing them together, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of not only the what, but also the where and why of events.  

smarter cities

Smart cities are going above and beyond to tackle the detrimental impact on the environment. These impacts encompass the surge in greenhouse gases, the pollution in our oceans, and the litter scattered across our streets. Active Maps gives you the tools to bring data together enabling you to make smarter decisions.