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active maps for the construction industry

The construction market’s tough. Do you really know what’s going on across your portfolio right now? Can you easily identify trends and insights in your KPIs?

Everybody understands that profit margins are wafer thin and customer expectations are higher than ever. Let us help you identify projects in distress earlier and easier than ever before. Whether it’s Compliance, H&S, Risk, ESG, Exceptions or Productivity, Active Maps can show you insights in real-time to make proactive decisions today.  


a single source of truth
By identifying problems early Active maps helps you to manage by exception. A live, single version of truth, bringing together data from your ERP, CDE, Field Tools, H&S reporting tools, site attendance records, finance tools and more with sensors, devices and systems on the project site Active Maps can identify sites in distress early allowing you to make better decisions earlier, saving you both time and money on your projects.
OPEN SOFTWARE with SHAREABLE DASHBOARDS - no specialist skills or hidden charges
Active Maps can stream data from a huge variety of other platforms; ERP, CDE, Field Tools, devices and sensors on individual project sites through our set of open API's. Our system isn't locked down and it's designed to simplify complex data and make it understandable and accessible by everyone in the team. Stream data from multiple systems into Active Maps with ease and share different dashboards with different project stakeholders.
project vital signs at a glance
Easily define your most important KPI's such as, Compliance, H&S, Risk, ESG, Exceptions or Productivity to create a top-level view of project performance - share information and update data in real time. Combining static and dynamic sensor data from things like air, water, noise and vibration sensors, IOT, CCTV, and drones with data from your operational tools such as site clock in/out, snagging, H&S and your CDE will help you to monitor the vital signs of success (or failure) of your projects and check them in one screen at a glance.
use active maps anywhere, on any device
Our cloud-native platform is internet based and accessible on any device, anywhere. Multiple views for different stakeholders with top level detail instantly visible and the option to drill down into individual project detail at the touch of a button.


video guides

If you're looking to find out more about Active Maps take a look at our short guides to some of our core features and how they can benefit our customers.

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We understand the complexity of data in the construction industry; CDE's, ERP, Health & Safety Bill, Finance, Field Tools and the Golden Thread - Active Maps can combine data from a wide variety of tools and software types.
Visualise all the data you’re collating in a single screen that places your data in location context on a live, immersive and interactive map - real-time data on screen, historically accurate and time stamped for a single source of truth.
Manage by exception, Active Maps gives you a map that allows you to create performance heat maps and other interactive 3D charts and data visualisations - identify projects in distress early for proactive management.
Share different data dashboards with project teams across companies and departments, focusing on the information that's pertinent to the build phase or team objectives. Control, view and edit levels of access with ease.
what data can we track?

Air Quality and noise

Environmental sensors with multiple telemetry streams can be visualised with other data layers to show cause and effect relationships or alert you to high levels of emissions or noise.

Live Camera Feed

Includes streaming of CCTV as well as providing data set visualisation from AI and ML enabled cameras all viewed in context of where the camera is and the direction it is point in on a map.


From recorded H&S events and carbon tracking to onsite/offsite records, let Active Maps help you understand what's going on at site level, regional level or even across the portfolio.      

Live Weather

Track live weather information and overlay with other data to visualise and understand underlying trends.

IoT and AI Data

Combine data from various sensors in the service area and produce interactive charts that show what's happening now or compare to a previous point in time to identify trends.


Understand what's being spent on site. Identify project over spend early, get to grips with what's happening to prevent escalation.