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data analysis

Interactive visualisations that help you spot trends, interpret relationships and ultimately maker better decisions

put all of your data to work in one place

easy to use
No specialist GIS skills required, Active Maps data can be accessed, combined, analysed and visualised by anyone.
data in context
Combine and analyse data sets with geo-spatial context, visualising your data in 3D on a map.
a single source of truth
Data is streamed into a single window of information and updated in real-time for a single source of truth.

base decisions on fresh data

Having a holistic view of your data enables you to easily identify trends, spot anomalies and communicate what you find. Active Maps truly enables you to understand what is happening, where it is happening and most crucially, why. Don’t keep your data in silos. Optimise your smart place functions and promote business growth and improvement by harnessing the locational power of your data. 

A key challenge for many businesses is the existence of data silos. Different departments often work independently and maintain their own databases and systems, making it difficult for leaders to access a unified data set that provides a comprehensive view of company and stakeholder needs. The lack of data integration and team collaboration can be a barrier to success in many ways. Removing the complexity associated with combining data in one place, as a single source of truth can open up better more diverse lines of communication across teams and lead to swifter, better business decisions. 

The team at 3DEO are experts in their field, working with us as experts in ours. The Active Maps dashboard allows our ongoing project successes to be easily digested by a wide target audience.